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Online Direct Consultation  with specialist Doctors at FUHS

Online doctor consultation or consulting your doctor online means to have a virtual consultation by any patient with a concerned doctor using a video call software or application. It is the most preferred method these days as it is convenient, time-saving, and has the potential to provide the patients with the freedom to discover more doctors or specialists at their fingertips.

At FUHS, our utmost priority is to ensure safety and well being of our patients. To avoid adverse health conditions later, we came up with online video/tele consultations for people who couldn't reach the hospital. At this time, it is even more essential to get an expert consultation to keep ourselves healthy. Taking precautions is always the right choice not only for you but also for your family members.

We are team of professionals with a shared vision to provide affordable quality health care based on ethical practices. We rely on our team of qualified experienced people, Best practices and Repeatable processes and adopt Modern technology.

Would you like to have a direct consultation with a specialist? 

Would you like a doctor’s medical advice about a medical problem? 

Our specialist Doctors at FUHS can help you with online or remote consultation and support. We organise an appointment regarding your health issues and concerns and get sorted. 

The consultation is via video and audio call on the date of your appointment.

A Consultation with a trusted doctor for your every medical need, here are some more reasons to
book a doctor consultation with FUHS

Specialties Galore

From cardiology to dermatology and paediatrics, address every medical need with a range of specialities, on one single platform

Online Consultation

Book a date and time convenient to you and get answers to your medical queries over an online chat


Renowned and trusted specialists and super-specialists specific to your medical needs, just a click away

Second Opinion

Specialists to review your reports and provide medical opinion on the line of treatment

Tele Consultation

Conveniently consult a qualified medical professional over a call from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments with your chosen specialist at your preferred date and time

How it works?


Sign up and fill in with all required details.


Search for your doctor


Book your appointment 


Select your payment plan


Get medical feedback

How it works for Doctors?

 If you would like to join our team,

Download  FUHS Doctor App from  playstore or App store

Sign up

with your details

Add your  Payment  Details

Upload your certificates , and wait for approval 

Once approved, you can be on  our team .

Download our FUHS App from playstore or Appstore. 

Ready to find the right medical opinion  for you?

Online Doctor | medical second Opinion

Second Opinion at  FUHS

Feel confident you're getting the best medical opinion at FUHS

We offer a specialist second medical opinion service remotely for patients from all over the World, covering everything from complex circumstances to deciding on treatment options. A second opinion from us can stop the delay in receiving potentially effective treatment options. Unsatisfied and Improper medication or diagnosis may make you feel upset and you may need to take a second opinion. Right diagnosis and timely treatment are very crucial for every patient. It makes you think of taking a second opinion from doctors who are efficient enough to guide you in a right way. We not only verify your diagnosis but valuate the efficacy of the treatment and procedures prescribed to you and advice you what to do further. Getting a second opinion from FUHS enables you to take effective decisions about your healthcare.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a tremendous change in the health care system all over the World. Consultation via phone and  video conference has become a normal scenario. Online consultation and treatments are being encouraged as never before.  Download our FUHS App from Playstore or Appstore, sign up with your details and follow few steps to join and consultation.  We gather your information, review your medical records, and send to our specialist Doctor or panel of doctors, analyse your case and gives you feedback or medication.

Book for your consultation with our professionally excellent Doctors for accurate medical opinion with advanced care. Book for your online consultation in just few clicks.

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Features | Medical Second Opinion |Fuhs

Available  Features at  FUHS

Our panel of specialist Doctors are here to guide you in getting proper medication, considering all your diagnosis,  lab reports and procedures. 24/7 medical advice and online chatbot for emergency, also your details  are being taken care with at most privacy.

Learn more

Download our FUHS patient App and register with us


Choose our plan


Chat with our Doctor

Medical record review

Dicussion within our team of Doctors



Chat with Us | Second Medical Opinion

How it works

How it works | Second opinion doctor


Fill in the registration form provided on this
website with all necessary information.


Make the payment to proceed further.

3. Upload documents

We require all necessary medical documents
for evaluating your healthcare.

4.Online consultation

Our team will evaluate the nature of your
medical condition as soon as we receive your
request and arrange for a meeting with you..

5. eOpinion

After discussing your case with our panel of
dedicated Doctors we get back to you with
our opinion shortly.

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Technology makes life simple, why do you want wait prolonged time at hospitals when FUHS is with you?

Ready to find the right treatment for you?

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Our Doctor App- Download it now to make easy for doctor’s onboarding.

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