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In our busy daily lives, people are finding it difficult to take time off to consult their doctors for any medical needs. At FUHS, we provide online medical service to diagnose and treat common conditions using our online consultation platform. We aim to provide safe, secure, cautious treatment for our patients at their convenience and at a cost that they can afford.

Our patients can rely on our professionally qualified doctors via audio call, chat and video chat securely. We facilitate to people with E-medical services which would allow them to avoid unwanted long wait at the hospital. We always strive to facilitate the best virtual treatment for our patients that is more reliable and cost effective. 

Remote video consultations between our qualified doctors and patients are technically possible and increasingly acceptable. We introduced a face to face virtual meeting or telephone consultations. At FUHS, we do conduct in-depth qualitative diagnosis on available records and ask for further tests if required.

A very trustworthy online virtual consultation platform at your fingertips.

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