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1. Eliminates the Need to Venture Out of the Home:

Even though you may travel for medical consultation, commuting to the hospital to and fro may put you at risk of catching the deadly virus infection. In such circumstances, FUHS proves to be a boon as it enables you to receive the best medical guidance from expert healthcare professionals online, over the phone or video call without having to leave your home. No matter in which part of the world you reside, you can receive the best medical consultation from certified and expert doctors in the comfort of your home

2. Offers Access to Specialists:

Some critical patients, who need medical care and assistance of specialist doctors, need to travel long distances and invest a lot of energy and time in each visit. FUHS enables you to receive the medical opinion from specialist doctors by technological means without having you to step out of your home

3. No Risk of Falling Sick or Catching an Infection

As FUHS lets you consult the doctor online from your home. FUHS eliminates all potential risks of catching the deadly viral infection or any other infection as you do not come in contact with any other patient. So, count on online consultation, avoid the risk of getting exposed to the infection and secure your safety and that of your family.

4. Wide Range of Specialists Doctors available:

FUHS is not restricted to a few health departments but carries out the right assessment and offers the best and effective consultation for an array of your health concerns. From a nutritionist to other specialist doctor’s medical opinion requirements, you can avail of consultation from expert nutritionists and various specialist doctors respectively online.

5. Costs No Transportation Time or Expenses

FUHS lets you view and interacts with your doctor on your laptop, mobile, or computer, and this helps you save your money on fuel and public transportation and eliminates the risk of getting stuck up in the traffic for hours. We save your precious time, energy, and money greatly. All you need to take is an appointment and consult the doctor online comfortably from your place of abode.

6. No Need to Take Leave from Your Work

You need to take leave from your work at the office when you are required to visit your doctor at the hospital. However, FUHS eliminates this in-convenience. Video visits eliminate your inconvenience of taking time off your work, as you can connect with your doctor from any convenient place that offers you privacy and at your convenient time. Simply schedule your tele-consultation during your office break and interact with an expert physician comfortably from your cabin. Comply with the follow-up instructions of the doctor and maintain good health without having to miss a day at your work or waste your leave

7. Rules out Elderly and Child Care Issues

Child care and care of aged family members top the priority of most of us. Visiting the hospital to consult the doctor with your child can be risky and stressful as kids are one of the vulnerable groups. Seeking us resolves these issues of elderly and child care by letting you see the doctor from your home while upholding all your family duties

8. Open to Frequent Consultation Requirement

FUHS enables you to consult the specialists and receive the best medical opinion as many times as required conveniently from your home. This eliminates the need and risk of visiting the hospital frequently to see the doctor

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